Quality Assured

We are a quality centric company and we place quality as the nucleus of all our endeavors. A Specialized team of quality supervisors monitors carefully the entire production process at every level of operation. Periodic inspections and conduct various tests to make our products free from defects. Some of the tests that we conduct throughout our manufacturing process on our containers comprise:
Drop Test : We undertake drop one from each side i.e. top, bottom & body portion to ensure total safety of your product during transit.
Rolling Test : Immediately after the drop test, the drum has to be rolled on the rough surface to ensure there is no leakage from any part especially from the mouth portion of the drum.
StakingTest : Drum filled with material was kept one + 2 to ensure to see total pressure on the drum kept on the surface.
Leakage Test : We undertake air pressure test to see there is no leakage from the closures & Seams.
Other Quality measures taken care of :
• uniformity of colour.
• Weight uniformity.
• Printing Adhesiveness.
We do running trial of our carboys to ensure that they can perform efficiently after the shipment.